Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Attend the Public Declaration and Press Conference of the "Workers' Socialist Party"

7th November 2012 (Wednesday) at 12 pm
Press Club of India
1, Raiseena Road, New Delhi
(Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat)


As you know, years ago we had launched the struggle for a revolutionary program of working class and socialism. We proposed a draft program and comrades participated in the deliberations, leading to forging of a real program. More than one decade, we had mounted an offensive against alien currents inside the movement of the working class- social-democracy, stalinism-maoism and pabloism, and the political trends: bourgeois nationalism, petty bourgeois radicalism and reformism.

Needless to say that this struggle for a program was part of our overall struggle for forging a party of working class and to arm the workers with requisite logistics necessary to trigger the world socialist revolution. Presentation of the program and gathering of comrades around it over years, has created the conditions necessary for creation of such party.

We take pride in declaring that on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Great October Revolution, we are making public declaration of our party, under the banner of  "Workers' Socialist Party". In organising the party, we are resurrecting the old BLPI, that existed in 1940's, the only revolutionary marxist party of Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky. Our program is the program of permanent revolution, the program of fourth international. Here is the link to our program:

You are condially invited to attend the Public Declaration and Press Conference.

Contact: 9810081383



  1. Dear Comrades of the Workers Socialist Party of India,

    Revolutionary Greetings on this auspicious occasion!

    We send our warm greetings and solidarity on your launching of the Workers' Socialist Party from the new wave tendency.

    We have followed the new wave for some years and have much agreement with your program.

    We especially endorse your purpose in 'resurrecting' the Bolshevik Leninist Party of India.

    Our Liaison Committee has much in common with your program in its general outline, though we may differ on your history of the liquidation of the Fourth International. We see those who opposed Pabloism as also complicit in the betrayal of the Bolivian revolution of 1952. Therefore we see the tradition of the International Committee as no better or worse than the International Secretariat.

    While we agree with you that India is not an imperialist country we think that China and Russia are both emerging imperialist powers.

    Nonetheless, we have one fundamental thing in common and that is the necessity to build a New World Party of Revolution based on the method and program of the Fourth International of 1938. Without such a World Party there is no prospect that the decline and decay of capitalism and imperialism will escape barbarism and make the transition to socialism.

    We therefore welcome the formation of the new party and express our revolutionary solidarity in the immense tasks that you are taking on in the subcontinent and internationally.

    We also look forward to discussing our agreements and disagreements to test the prospect for fusion.

    Dave Brown for the Liaison Committee of Communists
    Revolutionary Workers' Group of Zimbabwe
    Communist Workers' Group of the U.S.A.
    Communist Workers' Group of Aotearoa/New Zealand

    1. Comrade Dave,

      We are in total agreement with you that a world party needs be formed based upon program of fourth international founded by Trotsky and startegic experiences of the last century. Our modst effort in founding this section in new delhi must be considered a part of that very venture itself. We see forward for closer collaboration in future to give shape to it.
      In solidarity

      Rajesh Tyagi
      for Workers Socialist Party

  2. I think, WSP would prove itself a good platform for the devlopment of revolutionary conscience in Indian working class. - With revolutionary greetings.