Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Political Resolution of WSP for 2019 General Elections

Organise the Pre-Poll Left Bloc for 2019 General Elections!
Break With All Bourgeois Rightwing Parties!

For a United Fight against the right-wing bourgeois parties,
WSP Unanimously Resolves, that:

1. Bourgeois Parliament is an important arena of revolutionary struggle. Therefore, we call upon the working and toiling people and the youth to take part in the upcoming general elections to support the cause of the revolution by defeating all right-wing bourgeois parties.

2. To be sure, our purpose behind such participation in bourgeois parliament, is not to create any illusions among the workers and the youth in the parliament, but to expose and explode it from within, disillusion the backward mass of workers, toilers and youth and thereby undermine the bourgeois parliamentarism itself. 

3. The participation we are advocating has nothing in common with parliamentary cretinism practised by Stalinist left for long. We oppose this servile parliamentarism and pledge for a return to Bolshevik practice inside bourgeois parliament.

4. We consider the parliament as fortress of our class enemy and ourselves as trozan horses of revolution inside it with explicit aim to undermine it from within.

5. With this clear cut understanding of our parliamentary tasks, WSP would insist for an independent policy and political assertion of the working class in the upcoming general elections.

6. WSP, in the first instance, would underscore the need for complete break with all right-wing bourgeois parties from Congress to RJD, SP or BSP.

7. Based on this break, we propose a left bloc of parties on the left of bourgeoisie, on the pre-condition that these parties and their leaders, must take decisive break with bourgeois parties.

8. Even at the cost of no seat for WSP in poll agreement, but with full freedom of political propaganda and agitation, WSP is ready to enter into a bloc with other left parties to support them against all right-wing bourgeois parties from BJP to Congress, RJD, SP, BSP and so on.

9. In case, the left parties reject our appeal to form a left bloc against the right-wing bourgeois parties and make election alliances of different hues with bourgeois rightwing, WSP will field it's own candidates and will carry out the most vigorous revolutionary propaganda to expose betrayal and treachery of psuedo-lefts.

10. To avoid a split in left votes, WSP thus proposes a 'left bloc' of all forces of the working and toiling masses with avowed agenda to defeat the entire right-wing camp of the bourgeoisie, that includes Fascists, Liberals, Democrats and Reformists.


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