Saturday, 22 December 2012

WSP protests in Front of Rashtrapati Bhawan against Rising Crime Graph

WSP Correspondent/ 22.12.2012
Workers' Socialist Party, issued call for protests against the misrule of the rich elites and its complete immersion into crime and corruption. As protestors gathered at Jantar Mantar and started marching towards Rashtrapati Bhawan at Raiseena Hills, police stopped them and did not permit to take out the march. As protestors reached Rashtrapati Bhawan, they met with huge crowds there. WSP cadres shouted slogans against rule of capitalists and spoke to the crowds. WSP proposed immeidate disbanding of the corrupt police against elite bureaucracy, universal arming of the people and their organisation into peoples' militias. WSP circulated its leaflet among the protestors:

Capitalist Democracy is the Rule of Criminals! Socialism is the only Hope!!

The Gang-rape upon 23 year old girl and the brute violence committed upon her and her male companion in Munirka inside a moving bus, has shaken the conscience of the society as a whole. Yet it is only a link in the whole series of such ghastly crimes, that the working and toiling people, especially women, are made to bear, everyday. 

As huge contingents of heavily armed police secure and serve at the homes and offices of the rich elite leaders, bureaucrats and judges, the working and toiling people are left defenceless to the mercy of brutes and criminals, who rule the streets of the city in collusion with police and state authorities. More than 60% of police is engaged in VIP security, with 22 securitymen, on average, deployed for one VIP, while for rest of us this comes to one policeman for 250 people.  

Capitalists, who rule the country, care only for their profits, with no concern towards the life or security of the ordinary people, leaving them to the mercy of highly corrupt, tyrant and insensitive police.

Atrocious and criminal rule of capitalists, is corrupting our society to the core, inducing in it all sorts of perversions, and is producing through its moulds, more and more murderers, dacoits, rapists and criminals of all hues. 

These capitalists and corporates have reduced men and women to carnal existence, as slaves to the markets that they control, and are using them as commodities to mince profits. Women are worst victim of it. Whole city is full of vulgar depiction of women through posters and sign-boards.

We are left with a terminally ill society, supervised and managed by the rich elites, big investors and speculators, interested in mincing profits only. This rule of capitalists has failed on all fronts. It has turned virtually into the rule of beasts and wolves. 

Given the rule of profiteers, all laws and prosecutions would fail to prevent the crime and deter the criminals. Crime and corruption are inevitable by-products of capitalism, will remain with it and will go with it.

The public outcry against the heinous crime must be translated into a conscious opposition of the masses against the whole regime of capitalists, the government, the police and the officials under them. Not the isolated criminal act, but the criminal nature of the rule of capitalists must be underscored.

The time has come to get rid of this capitalist anarchy, as a pre-condition for availing a decent human life. Society has to be liberated from clutches of Mallyas and Kandas. Only hope for the humanity lies in a Socialist revolution. The only choice remains, before us- Barbarism or Socialism.

The historic responsibility to overturn the rule of capitalists and abolish capitalism, is upon the shoulders of working class and youth.

We appeal to the youth and working class to turn to the perspective of socialism and the program of Workers’ Socialist Party based on it.

Workers’ Socialist Party
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