Wednesday, 19 December 2012

WSP Statement on Gang-Rape in Delhi: Intensify the Protests, Occupy Delhi!!

-Workers’ Socialist Party/ 20.12.2012

Society as a whole remains shocked at the savage gang rape of a 23 year old para-medic girl and the brute violence upon her and her male companion, by six men in a moving bus in New Delhi, national capital of India.
The outrageous incident has shaken the conscience of the nation. Civilised forces are up in arms and protest demonstrations are going all over the country.
Rapes and brutal crimes against women however are routine affair in the country. Despite all rhetoric of the governments and leaders of capitalist parties, these crimes had been on sharp rise in last years, both in their magnitude and brutality. Core aspect of this crime is that only the women from working and toiling classes are victim of these assaults.

Capitalist regime has completely failed to protect the life and dignity of the citizens. While the whole police force remains engaged in serving the VIP politicians and bureaucrats at their homes and offices, the criminals rule the city and its roads.

As the whole nation rises up against the atrocious gang-rape, the leaders and parties of the elite have joined in demand of death penalty for the rapists. These elite parties and leaders want to dissipate the real issue of failure of the whole system by trivialising it into demand for punishment for the rapists.

The governments, parties and leaders of the rich, that supervise the system of capitalism, are the chief source of the crime and corruption. The demand for death to rapists is not sufficient. The root cause of all crimes, of all savagery, the rule of capitalists must be overthrown through a revolution. Our generation has to choose between: Barbarism or Socialism. Within capitalism, there is no hope for humanity!
The profit-oriented system of capitalism has dragged the whole society into a whirlpool of crime and corruption, where whole lots of young people are reared as beasts and wolves. Capitalism has set up man against man, as it itself stands upon exploitation and loot of working and toiling mass.

The historic responsibility to overturn the rule of capitalists and abolish capitalism, is upon the shoulders of working class and youth.

The public outcry against the heinous crime must be translated into a conscious opposition of the masses against the whole regime of capitalists, the government, the police and the officials under them. Not the isolated criminal act, but the criminal nature of the rule of capitalists must be underscored.

People know it by their experience how unsafe are the police stations themselves for women. Police and police stations are the centre of all vulgarity and brutality against women. Goon elements everywhere have a close nexus with local police, and in most cases they are police informers and conduits. Every elite politician has a whole battalion of these goons to support him and which he supports himself. The whole system of capitalism has plunged into the hell of crime and corruption.

The recent gang rape is only one small link in the whole chain of crimes, majority of which are never reported in media.

The fact is that the crime and criminals are at the helm of the rule of capitalists and a political struggle needs be carried out against this criminal regime.

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