Tuesday, 25 December 2012

WSP Joins Anti-Government Protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi

Our Correspondent/ 25.12.2012
WSP joined the anti-government protests at Jantar Mantar, at 12 p.m. today on Tuesday, 25 December. WSP activists addressed the huge gathering of youth and workers there. The party clarified that crime and corruption are integral to the rule of capitalists, and that a government of working and toiling people is the only solution. The Party proposed immediate disbanding of the brute and corrupt police, and organisation of youth militias as the only viable solution to the rising graph of crime. Party condemned the savage violence that police had unleashed upon the protestors at India Gate on Sunday and termed it as pre-planned attack of the police to break the civil resistance. Party speaker told the gathering that capitalist rule cannot give secure and decent life to the people, and socialism is the only way out of capitalist anarchy. Proposals of the Party were applauded by the youth and workers. Following leaflet was circulated by WSP, during the protest: 

Peaceful Protests are Crushed under Police Boots!
Let’s Prepare to Fight back with Immense Force!!

Peaceful protests of the masses at India Gate, against the rising crime graph in the country, climax of which was the gang rape of 23 year old girl in Delhi, have been suppressed by the government under the brute force of police boots.
Nevertheless, the youth and students have demonstrated unprecedented strength and energy during week long protests and created a glorious page in history. Due to this upsurge, we had a glimpse of real democracy on the roads. By ordering police crackdown upon this peaceful protest, the government has taught the rebellious youth an invaluable lesson in politics, smashing in one stroke all illusions in the farce of capitalist democracy.
The naked police repression upon the peaceful protest of the masses, has shown beyond doubt that the government is in no mood to tolerate any dissent or protest, as it is so clear that it cannot put the monstrous spate of crime under control.
The rule of speculators, profiteers and big investors and the government under them, is the chief source of all crimes and corruption. Police and police stations are the real dens of all crime and corruption. 
This brute and corrupt police is trained into, and can only beat up peaceful and unarmed citizens, but it is totally impotent in face of crime. Present system of courts and laws has also failed to tackle the rising crime graph. 
In face of the monstrous crime on the streets of cities, elite ministers, officers and corporates, have alienated themselves from the people in their luxurious bungalows, bullet-proof cars, and z-securities, maintained at the expense of the people, deploying all security forces and measures for themselves, leaving the people at the mercy of criminals on the streets.
The pro-rich regime lands in acute crisis, as it finds itself incapable to rise to the demands and aspiration of the rebellious youth. The government of the rich and elite, the government of goons and criminals, the government of Mallyas and Kandas, had to come out in its true colours, tearing apart the false veil of all democratic appearance.
Still, to maintain the farce of democracy, the government has permitted small, regulated protests at isolated places like jantar mantar or ramlila maidan.
Failing to come forward with any measures of crime control, the elite government, ordered savage suppression of the peaceful protest, calling the protestors ‘hooligans’ and ‘terrorists’.
All possibility of any serious protest is completely undermined, for the moment, by the barbaric action and malicious intention of the government. 
With suppression of the protests, the old police raj, with rapes and all sorts of crimes, is back again, despite all false assurances of the government and its ministers. 
Aims of the movement are not achieved yet. The movement, is not going to give up under police boots. It will remain simmering to return with immense force, making mockery of all police repression. To re-emerge, however, the movement has to gather more strength and for that it has to build up around concrete and meaningful slogans this time.
WSP suggests the measures, around which the movement must organise itself, mobilise the masses and gather strength to stage a more powerful comeback, opening into a democratic revolution, sooner than later:
  • Corrupt, brute and anti-people police be disbanded.
  • Organise local youth militias, for effective crime control with elected leaders, and arm them with fire-arms.
  • No special security for anyone. 
  • Dedicated Jury trials for crimes, with elected juries from the public.

Workers’ Socialist Party

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