Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Socialist Program for 2019 General Elections

Draft Points for Vision Document: Polls 2019

1. End to all indirect taxation including GST.
2. Single Taxation. A steeply rising income tax.
3. Complete Nationalisation of all core sectors of Economy: Foreign trade, banking, Oil, Gas, Power, Housing, Construction, Railways etc.
4. Nationalisation of all PPP. Confiscation of private investments in them.
5. Confiscation and nationalization of all corporate enterprises having worth over Rs.100 Crores.

6. Confiscation of agricultural holdings beyond 20 acres per family. Campaign for collectivization of smaller farm lands on voluntary basis.
7. Compulsory Nationalisation of all Education and Healthcare. Universal Education and Healthcare for all.
8. Social Allowance for every citizen, sufficient to cover decent food,clothing and lodging.
9. Free Shelters and Public Mess for all without support.
10. Full insurance to small Peasants of their crops.
11. Guarantee against unemployment through Public works.
12. Rejection of all contracts and agreements through which public enterprises were sold to private corporate.
13. Stringent Laws and Fast Track Courts to deal with crimes related to oppression of Religious, Caste and Gender minorities and weaker sections of the society.
14. Total ban on all communal and caste-ist parties and organizations.
15. Cancellation of all military treaties with Imperialist countries and military alliances.
16. Review of agreements with foreign and domestic corporate and cancellation of those found unequal and imbalanced.
17. Disbanding and abolition of the armed forces. Universal arming and organisation of people on a compulsory and secular basis.
18. Election of all Officers and Judges by local citizen Committees.
19. Cap on personal assets of Rs.Ten Crore per nuclear family.
20. Difference in salaries not to exceed beyond 1:3 in any case and differentiation has to has a rational basis.

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