Saturday, 28 April 2018

Behind the Smokescreen of Peace and Negotiations among the Big Powers, Lurks the Real Threat of War!

- Rajesh Tyagi/29.4.2018 

At the threshold of a war in Asia-Pacific region, prospects of which had continued to spiral-up for years together, there is a dramatic clampdown by big powers.

North and South parts of Korean peninsula have agreed to open up the route to rapprochement and that upto unification of the two splinters on peninsula.

This is no unexpected move but part of the course of diplomacy that aims at hiding from the war, a war that has real potential for a global nuclear conflagration and extinction of the entire human civilization. This stage-show 
by the big powers of beating a retreat from the cynical threats and challenges in the theatre of war, far from being inspired by any genuine concerns for peace, is accentuated solely by the intrigues for promotion of their own sectarian interests and for securing their survival.

In shaking hands with South Korea, a stooge of US imperialist machine, the North Korean ruling elite has in fact sought an accommodation with US imperialism, in order to protect its bureaucratic privileges and wealth from the wrath of the impending military conflict on the peninsula.

In turn, South Korean capitalist rulers, apart from sharing the concerns for preventing the war with the North, for their own survival, are looking even further for opening up of the North as vista for exploitation of natural wealth and human resources, for extracting raw materials and cheap labour, for their industrial enterprise.

Nevertheless, the peace negotiations between the Korean military giants, are already marred into conflicts that seem to be irresoluble. Trump’s threat for total destruction of North Korea stands alongside the pledges by North Korea to retain its nuclear arsenal. North Korean ruling bureaucracy is more than convinced that it is its small nuclear arsenal that has acted as deterrence to and has prevented its destruction at the hands of US war machine, saving it from sharing the fate of Iraq and Libya. The US, in turn, is still adamant to bring North Korea to destroy its nuclear arsenal alongwith its long distance missiles. For this, all peace negotiations are groped in dark and hold no definite contours and promises.

Modi’s recent short visit to China is yet another attempt to evade the mounting tensions among the big powers in Asia- China and India, and prevent them from drawing close to a serious border conflict. After last standoff in Doklam, that had almost triggered a military conflict, the Indian rulers have stopped looking at the possibility of such conflict in distant future. Realising that the conflict may get sparked anytime, they are engaged in all-out efforts to catch up with China in its military capabilities and avoid any real conflicts till then.

How much the imperialists may laud the ‘peace declarations’, the peace remains elusive in a world under imperialist domination.

Amidst the attempts at de-escalation of the maturing conflicts in the pacific region, new trenches are being dug in the war fields of the Middle-East. Recent bombing of Syria by the US and British forces, targeting the military installations of Assad government and new surge in tensions between Israel and Iran, are pioneering the intensification of existing conflicts while inaugurating new war fronts in the Middle East.

Since long the imperialists had genuinely wished to enjoy the booty of loot and exploitation of the world, in eternal peace. But the history thinks otherwise. Exploitation and loot are bound up with unlimited violence and wars of domination among the exploiters alongside the rebellions of exploited. War and Fascism are thus the twin outcome of imperialism.

Whatever, peace negotiations may take place among the big powers, they cannot postpone the war beyond a certain point. 
We don’t know and we can’t predict with any certainty where this point actually lies, but the mounting tensions on multiple fronts of conflict, from South China Sea to Middle East, leaves us in no doubt that the world around us is so volatile and is ripe for a war, that may erupt any moment. 

How much these imperialist crooks may avoid to meet the war, how much they may be eager for negotiated peace settlements, the war is desperately looking to get them. They cannot escape the historic destiny of capitalism -wars and revolutions, whose regime they are overseeing. 

The impulse for the war comes not from the wishes of individual rulers or even all put together, but from the systemic crisis of world capitalism, that has entered into a fresh round since subprime crisis of October 2008. Since then all promises of globalization have been given a go by and the capitalist national states are back to defend their own sectarian national interests.

In that, the world is thrown back to at least a century. Militarization and nuclear expansion are once again, order of the day.

In this backdrop, all peace efforts and negotiations can only be understood as the premiers to an even broader war. The experience of more than a century is living proof of the fact that the war is seldom terminated by the diplomatic efforts, but is often preceded and postponed only a little, by them.

The war is rooted in the uneven and combined development of capitalism and the rival interests of the capitalist national states as the offshoots of this development. The equilibrium that is achieved through wars, gets imbalanced continuously during the intervening periods of comparative peace. Negotiations contain this imbalance but only to certain extent.

Peace negotiations are part of the war politics and are continuity of it. They are no substitute of the war. Peacetimes are the preparatory holidays for the wars. Peace diplomacy is only the cryptic design of war.

There can be no bigger lie than the claim that any peace efforts can terminate the war for long. They can at the most suppress the urge for the war for certain period. However, this suppression prepares the ground for a spring back action with redoubled vigor and need for the war.

Looming threat of the Third World War, stems out of the death agony of Capitalism and is integral to it. In its decadent age, capitalism can deliver nothing except catastrophic wars, violence and devastation.

Overthrow of capitalism, i.e. the elimination of private property and the national state based on it, is the only way towards peace and away from the war drives.

The immense resources that are wasted upon wars and armaments, decades after decades, by all national governments over the world, can thus be put to the service of humanity as a whole. Mass education, health and research sectors that have been the worst victim of wasteful huge expenditures over military sector, may get a stimulus from these funds.

We need a revolution for this! Nothing short of a World Socialist Revolution!

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