Saturday, 19 November 2016

Appeal of the Workers’ Socialist Party

Organise the ‘Red Hundreds’
The United Front Against Fascists!

Taking advantage of corrupt misrule of the democratic parties of capitalism, that in succession to each other had remained in power for decades, fascist BJP has finally captured the power. Immersed in economic and political crisis to their neck, ruling capitalists have capitulated to fascists.

Fascism is on the rise! its advance poses real danger to every aspect of social and political life. It threatens to trample down under its boots everything live and vibrant. Working class, toilers, poor and deprived sections are on its hit list.

Fascists are nothing but the brutal, terrorist arm of the big corporate, the violent social movement sponsored by the rich and elite, the savage arm of capitalism. Engulfed in crisis, Capitalism is once again showing its predatory teeth.

Revolutionary experience of a century, tells us convincingly that fascism cannot be debated, it has to be smashed!   

Working class possesses all necessary force and the will to smash fascism. It must act as pivot of a mass movement, of a united front of the workers, toilers, youth and the poor, and must advance to uproot fascism.

We call upon all forces of revolutionary democracy, to prepare themselves for resistance against fascism!

We propose a united front of workers, toilers and the youth against fascism, with working class at its core centre, across party lines.

However, it would be futile to form this front from above. The united front must be organized at grass-roots and must rely directly upon the strength and activity of the mass of workers, toilers and the youth.

Workers, urban and rural toilers and the youth, willing to fight against fascists, be organized in ‘Red Hundreds’, i.e. in large groups everywhere. Entire factories, colonies, villages be brought under the net of ‘Red Hundreds’.

These ‘Red Hundreds’ must be then prepared to fight fascism, uproot it and march to the establishment of a Workers’ and Toilers’ Government.

WSP thus calls upon its cadres, supporters and sympathisers and all those who associate themselves with revolutionary democracy, to gather around them everywhere, all elements of revolutionary democracy and set out to organize the ‘Red Hundreds’ in factories, universities, colleges, schools, colonies and villages.

Organise in 'Red Hundreds' everywhere!
Smash Fascism! Defeat the Corporate Power!
March to establishment of a Workers' and Toilers' Government!

Workers’ Socialist Party

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