Monday, 27 June 2016

Appeal of the Workers' Socialist Party

Transform the Indefinite Nationwide Strike of July 11
into a General Political Strike

Carry Forward the Struggle
For Establishment of a Workers’ and Peasants’ Government


The strike with participation of 13 lakh railway employees is going to inaugurate on July 11. After 1974, it would be the first nationwide, indefinite strike of railways. Immediate and prominent demands of the strike include: Review of the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission and the New Pension Policy, an increase in minimum wages from Rs.18000 to Rs.26000 pm and filling of the vacancies in railways. With declaration for joining the strike by the employees in Defence and Postal sectors, the total number of strikers may go beyond 35 lakhs.

From this angle, the strike of July 11 is very important. This strike may shake the capitalist government to its hilt, may bring it to its knees, and may pose a big challenge to the government led by capitalists.

To achieve this, broadest possible base must be acquired by the strike. To prevent its isolation and to make the strike effective, wider sections of the working class, especially those employed in strategically important industries and services, must be drawn to this strike. Alongside of raising and adding the demands that may influence the workers, employees all over the country, we must strive for transforming the strike into a general political strike, that finally must be turned to a revolutionary struggle against the capitalist government.

The new phase of the crisis set in at the end of the year 2008, that had once again destabilized world capitalism, is stirring the working class, the world over. From US to Europe and from Latin Americas to Middle East, the working class is gravitating towards struggle. In Europe, Greek and French workers are up in arms. In India, the recent struggle of garment workers in Begaluru, is the clear sign of this new age of proletarian struggles.

Today when the capitalists of the world are engulfed in the economic crisis, the attempt of these governments, as always, is to shift the entire burden of this crisis to the shoulders of the toiling masses. With this, the attacks upon the workers, toilers and their living standards are becoming sharper and more frequent.

The right wing saffron government under Narendra Modi, holding power in India, has been the frontrunner in carrying out attacks upon the workers and toilers. Modi government has taken clear lead over all other right-wing governments including that under Congress. Under Modi Government, the communal polarization and anti-worker policies are being taken to their zenith.

Firstly the governments led by the Congress and then those led by the BJP, have made India a partner in most violent military campaigns and uninterrupted wars of world capital, by tying the country behind the military gang of NATO led by the US, sole aim of which is to fulfill the regional hegemonic aspirations of the Indian capitalists.

The capitalists ruling over the countries and the world, and the governments serving under them, that are instruments of unlimited exploitation of the toiling people, during this period of crisis, are resorting more and more to wars, violence, repression and bloodshed. Capitalist gangs led by the US, have unleashed a campaign of violence and destruction in the name of war upon terror. World Capitalism and its national lackeys have pushed the world into infinite war that would transform any moment into a nuclear conflagration. The ecology is the worst victim and sufferer for an  irreparable loss under the axe of capitalist loot and blind race for profits.

Living conditions of the toiling masses are specially pitiable in south asia. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Nepal are home to illiteracy, disease, hunger, poverty and malnutrition. Blind to this all, the capitalist governments in these countries, stuck to imperialist poles, are diverting major share of national resources to the blind and uncontrolled race of acquiring and stockpiling armaments. Surrendering the natural and human resources of their countries to world capitalism, these governments have thrown open the floodgates to uncontrolled global loot and exploitation of the masses.

Capitalism has generated these unbearable living conditions in which billions of working and toiling people of India, South Asia and the world are immersed. The historic mission of the working class is aimed at changing these conditions and destroying their source, capitalism. Political aim of the working class is to overturn the capitalist class and its agent governments and to establish workers and peasants governments instead of them. Destruction of capitalism and establishment of socialism is its paramount purpose. Every struggle and every strike of the working class must be consciously directed towards this purpose only.

Working class has continuously fought to change and reverse these conditions. But the false left leaders have everytime betrayed it and have played significant part in defeating these struggles. The trade unions led by them have not only failed to defend the common workers, employees from ever escalating attacks from the pro-capitalist governments, but they have prevented workers from the struggle and from opening offensive against the capitalist power, instead of fighting themselves for the workers. Their opportunist leaders have adhered themselves to capitalist establishment and they have tied workers to this regime. New generations have been completely cut-off from struggles and strike is converted into a bad word.

All over the world, the role of trade unions and their leaders has continued to become more and more reactionary and anti-worker and under their leadership the working class has continued to become more and more hopeless, frustrated and defeated. Majority of the leaders in these trade unions do not come from the ranks of the workers, but are professionals who have repeatedly betrayed the interests of the workers and in collusion with the capitalist establishment have acquired luxurious living standard for themselves and have abandoned ordinary rank and file workers to be beaten and to die. Their relationship with these ordinary workers is limited only to collect union subscriptions.

The false opportunist left of various pseudo socialist and Stalinist parties and the trade unions under them, has remained adhered throughout to the pro-rich parties and leaders on the one or the other pretext. Instead of challenging capitalism it has reinforced it and has provided critical aid to it to come out of the crisis on more than one occasions.

Last year the conventional call by 12 trade unions for one day nationwide strike on September 2, had gathered a strong momentum with huge participation from the employees. But the trade union leaders refused to turn this momentum against the power of capitalists and capitalist system and permitted it to drain off.

The trade unions had to call for this strike of July 11 in view of the anger building among the ranks of workers and the pressure from below, but they are eagerly seeking a compromise with the government. These leaders have made no sincere efforts for the success of the strike, have run no effective and wide campaign among the workers and employees for it, and have carried out no real mobilization. The strike is confined to petty economic demands only. No direct threat is posed to the power of capitalists and no political demands are presented. It is clear that their focus would be upon heading off this strike, called in lifeless and unwilling manner, sooner than later through a settlement.

Yet neither the government nor the trade unions can prevent the strike from transgressing the petty demands and opening the broad political offensive on revolutionary road. The workers, employees and the toilers struggling against the spiraling prices and resultantly falling living standards, have no other option except to fight against their abominable living conditions. This strike is the expression of the widespread anger among the masses and a milestone in the struggle.

To achieve victory in the struggles, the workers have to turn their back upon these trade union bureaucrats and the movement has to be based upon independent and militant initiative of the common workers. Proceeding, for the time being, from the demands that are put forward by this strike, this strike itself must be transformed to a revolutionary platform against the class of capitalists and their power. The fight has to be carried forward far beyond these demands for establishment of the government of workers and peasants.

With this purpose, we call upon the advanced sections of the proletariat that they forthwith organize ‘strike committees’ among the most militant workers in all major cities, mobilise the workers around them, call ‘workers assemblies’, prepare demand charters with consent of common workers, join the ranks with Workers’ Socialist Party, and support its campaign centered around the slogan- Down with Capitalism and Capitalist Government! Long Live the struggle for a Workers’ and Peasants’ Government!!.

Workers’ Socialist Party  

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