Thursday, 23 March 2017

Brutal Repression Upon Maruti-Suzuki Workers: An Appeal to the International Working Class!

Savage Onslaught Upon the Maruti Workers by the Capitalist State and its Hirelings, Must be Countered by the Working Class Through Mounting A Broad Class Offensive Internationally!

Comrade Workers,

It is crystal clear now that the 31 workers of Maruti-Suzuki at Manesar, Gurgaon, 60 kms from capital New Delhi, have been framed-up in false case, prosecuted and convicted without any trace of evidence to link them up with the crime.

Convicting the workers, the judge says that though none of the workers could be connected to the fire, yet it does not mean that they did not lit it. The prosecutor says that he demanded death penalty for the workers as the incident of 2012 is a scar that has to be wiped out in the backdrop of Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and receding FDI.

In the shocking judgement, the onus to prove themselves innocent has been shifted to the shoulders of the workers, applying the old French law, in derogation of all long settled principles of criminal jurisprudence and adjudication.

The whole prosecution was so innocuous that the judge had to acquit 117 workers outright. Evidence on record forced the judge to observe that the police has fabricated its own medical certificates to put blame of violence on workers apart from manufacturing other evidence in collusion with the management of multinational corporate.

Despite all this, the judge has convicted 31 workers, 13 of them with life imprisonment, holding them guilty of various offences ranging from culpable homicide to rioting, that they have never committed.

The judgement is apparently seething with class bias and prejudice against the workers!

The incident of 2012 was offshoot of a management provoked brawl where worker Jiyalal was first abused by a manager and then beaten up by hired bouncers on the floor of the factory. The brawl that ensued between the bouncers and the workers, witnessed a fire in which manager personnel of the factory succumbed to asphyxiation in his office.

Since then 148 workers have been kept inside the jail after brutal police torture upon them including electric shocks, leg stretching and immersion into water tubs. 2300 workers have been thrown out of job by the management without any hearing.

The pernicious conviction and sentencing of the innocent workers, is a corollary to the attempts of the bourgeois rulers of India to set a precedent of brutal repression of the working class as warning to it and a reassuring message to the global investors. In this all organs and sections of the bourgeois inside and outside India have joined hands. Repression of Maruti workers in India is part of the worldwide exploitation and repression of the working class.

Comrade workers, let’s join hands to fight out this broad daylight fraud, a blatant assault upon the working class. Let’s unite to mount a challenge to the injustice being meted out to our class brethren by the capitalist state and its hirelings.

Workers' Socialist Party calls for a worldwide boycott of all ‘Made in India’ products and goods, a refusal by the workers to loading and unloading of the consignments from and to India, from all docks and ports, over the world, till the conviction and sentence upon the workers is set-aside.

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