Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcome to Our New Blogsite!!

-From Editors/ 21 October 2013


We welcome you to the new blogsite of the 'Workers' Socialist Party'. The old site, that had continued to work for around a decade, under the banner 'the new wave', is closed down. 'the new wave' was launched when we were in our formative stage as a political tendency. The blogsite accomplished the great political task in gathering most advanced elements among revolutionary youth and workers around it, thereby laying down essential foundations for a new movement and a new party based upon program and lessons of October Socialist Revolution....

Now that the vanguard elements for a revolutionary party of the working class are  organised around a definite political program and into a party, this new blogsite- "Worker Socialist", would be the central organ of this new party and the movement, whose first and last words will always be..."for the world socialist revolution"....

"Worker Socialist"


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