Sunday, 30 December 2012

WSP Calls Upon the Youth and Workers to Intensify the Anti-Govt Protests!

Our Correspondent/ 30.12.2012
WSP continues to protest on Jantar Mantar. On December 29 & 30, its activists carried out intensive campaign to convince the protestors about the elite class character of the capitalist democracy, and that the hope for justice or security from this pro-rich government, is an illusion. WSP opposed the idea being promoted by pro-rich factions, leaders and parties to make laws more stringent. WSP clarified that any re-inforcement of the police or the laws in its hands would be used to pulverise poor, while resourceful and influential would continue to dodge all laws and escape it, as before. WSP called upon to intensify the protests against the criminal rule of billionaires, the fountainhead of all crimes, corruption and lumpenism.
Following was the leaflet, distributed by the WSP at the Protest site at Jantar Mantar:


The Government has forfeited the confidence of the people! The Government must go!!

After last Sunday’s brutal crackdown upon the peaceful protests at India Gate, the tyrant Indian state has continued its offensive against the people. This state is doing everything in its might to thwart the protests. Amidst false claims of sharing of people’s concerns, crocodile tears and hypocritical acceptance of legitimacy of protests, appear the real repressive measures of evacuation of India Gate, blocking of roads and shutting down of Metro Stations to prevent the gathering of people.
While taking all possible measures against the protests, the government has not taken any effective steps so far to show any intention to curb the rising crime graph in the city. As the protests at India Gate were dispersed by the state, the rapes had returned to the city, as police and criminals once against took over the city.
Through a whole spate of repressive measures against the protests, the government and the police under it has exposed its true role of a bulwark of crime in the city, and has surfaced as defender of criminals.

The leaders and bureaucrats that have ordered crackdown upon protests, and are conspiring against people, are enjoying too expensive leisure and securities at the cost of public exchequer. We must demand immediate withdrawal of all these luxuries-bungalows, luxury cars and VIP securities from these public functionaries and force them to live like a public servant.
Despite all odds, the protests are back! Masses of rebellious youth and working people have thronged Jantar Mantar yesterday in more than 5000 strong mob. The government is trembling and the old powers are terrified by the energy demonstrated at the protest, once again!
These protests are the bright hope of a new India. Youth and the working people are the chief driving forces of this great upsurge. The pro-rich government, that works for profiteers, big investors and speculators, is completely hostile to these protests. The upsurge of youth and working class, threatens to the hilt, the very existence of this pro-elite state.
In order to counter and dilute the revolutionary potential of this upheaval, the government and its agents are attempting to blunt the edge of the uprising, by diverting the targets towards attitudes and culture, or insufficiency of stringent laws, policing etc. The fact is, that this very system of laws and police successfully protects the rich and elite sections, which control the state. As the working and toiling people have no control upon pro-rich state, they are not protected by the state.
Contrary to propaganda of rich and elites and the government under them, the source of all crime, corruption, anarchy and lumpenism is not the man, but the system of capitalism, which this government runs and protects. Crime is integral to capitalism and is its life-blood and cannot be separated from it. The crime against women under rule of capitalists, has grown far beyond the frontiers of old patriarchy.
The government of billionaires, is in deep political crisis. The crackdown it has ordered against the mass protests against rising crime, is tacit admission of the fact that neither it can, nor it has any intention, to control the crime. This government can only conspire against and break the skulls of people as they raise their voice against crime and corruption, but it won’t raise its finger to control crime or corruption. This government has forfeited the confidence of the people. It must go!
Needless to say, that this government is supported, not only by the ruling party, but all elite parties and leaders of the left and right. These false oppositional parties and leaders, themselves frightened by the mass upsurge, hold back the great mass force of trade unions and peasant organisations, from joining in the protests. While pledging formal support to the mass protests, none of them has mobilised the mass organisations under them to join and reinforce the protests.
WSP calls upon the youth, workers and toilers, to defy these false leaders and parties, and join the protests across all party lines. All attempts to divide the protest must be opposed.

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